Journaling as a Tool for Self Expansion

Our featured trailblazer this week is Rosie Kinsella, a 22 year old writer and founder of Woman Writing based in South-East London. We were inspired by Rosie’s mission to help women on their journeys of healing through the use of journal prompts. Through her platform, she created a digital space where she offers women who write or journal, guidance and self-examination to support them in exploring the deepest depths of their being + help them to cultivate more awareness on themselves, their thoughts, their feelings, their traumas and their overall healing. We love her vision of expanding women’s sense of self through her work, and hope she inspires you too!

Get to know Rosie - who is Rosie in your words?

She is passionate, extremely ambitious. Assertive and straight to the point! But also very sweet, an introvert, independent, kind, loving, sensitive and supportive. What makes me Rosie, is that I am an authentic expression of my soul in human form in every possible layer of myself. My human interests involve a deep love for writing as a way of self-expression, creativity and teachings for others. I love books, old movies, nature, animals, and TEA! You will always find me with a huge mug of herbal tea of some kind. I personally don’t find my identity in my academic achievements, as I believe we are all master students of our own life in our own way. 


How did Woman Writing come to be? What inspired you to start this platform?  

To be honest, It was through extensive prayer and meditating on a statement I put out to the universe, which said: “please continue to use me as an instrument for the divine plan through exposing my work on healing in new spaces” that lead me to this. I was sat in my living room and the name Woman Writing just came to me. Then the overall concept of making it about journal prompts came to me, and then the design and overall aesthetic I wanted. After that I just got straight to work! I was already inspired to offer guidance and healing, it was more just about being given the space to contribute it. Everything I share always comes from my own experience so I wanted to offer what I’ve learned.

What’s your vision for Woman Writing and how you want it to impact?

My vision for Woman Writing is to build it into a large international platform and offer a variety of different services and products that all go hand in hand with supporting women on their healing journey. For example, (and this is exclusive to you guys by the way!) having a podcast next year, having journals, candles, mugs, brunches, retreats and more! I won’t spoil all the fun. 


Who did you start woman writing for? 

I started it for women who already use, or would potentially like to start using, journaling as a form of therapy to assist them in their healing journey.


Why should women engage in journaling and what has journaling taught you or helped you with? 

Journaling is an extremely personal, sacred act. I think writing of any kind is. It is the most authentic, vulnerable and personal conversation you can have with yourself on paper. Your pen becomes your weapon and you gift yourself the ability to express every single thing you are thinking and feeling, in your own privacy and solitude. The way your unique handwriting adorns all the pages of your journal with thoughts and feelings you might not be able to speak about or want to share, is just beautiful, scary, refreshing, uplifting and healthy to me. I’ve been journaling for almost 6 years now and throughout the ones I’ve kept, it’s allowed me a reference point to keep track of my growth, see how far I’ve come and go back for wisdom or support from lessons I’ve learned. Women should engage in journaling because it enables you the chance to strengthen the deep relationship with yourself and your inner world. 


What do you want every woman to know or hear?  

That she is valued, loved and that she should not attach or seek for her identity in her negative thoughts and emotions. 


What inspires you most and how or where do you draw inspiration for your work?

My inspiration comes from the way I am aware of my own power and how far I have come over the years, as well as the vision that I have for my work and the way it is such a pure offering to the world.


What’s something you’re learning to master about yourself or your work and what do you feel really proud of? 

Currently, I feel I definitely starting to master the art of non-attachment to emotions and people. I’m learning that I am not the negative thoughts in my head, I am just a witness to them. I do not have to absorb these thoughts and they are not the truth. I’m learning to think more rationally and truthfully in a loving way when I am triggered by recognising that I am only a witness to these thoughts and feelings. A lot of self-love has also helped with this.


Can you share with us some women who are inspiring you lately? 

 Oh absolutely! Amie Mcnee at @inspiredtowrite has been a breath of fresh air for me in the past couple of months I’ve been following her. Also, my auntie Tracy who is an incredible Novelist and one of the strongest, elegant and graceful women I know alongside my mum. 


Who do you want to say you are when this life thing is over? What legacy do you want to leave behind? 

Another reason why I write my journals is because I want my daughter or son to be able to use them one day for reference when they need support or guidance with something. I want to leave behind accessible wisdom that can stick around for years and be of service to the next generations on our planet. 


Instagram: @rosie.kinsella / @womanwriting

Twitter: @rosiekinsella_ / @womanwriting_



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