at SacredHive Creative, we believe women are the curators, keepers, and creators of culture. inspired by the many pioneering women we’ve met along the way who lead life boldly with intention, courage, love and creativity, we created a space to pass on these stories and services that provide women with tools and resources that empower women as creators of their lives, projects, communities, and themselves. we serve to inspire the women who are shaping culture and leading the way for alternative and brighter futures so that they can continue to forge the way in the work they’re doing and the women they’re becoming. whether her impact is through business, art, community, or even through the courageous act of just being herself, we support the trailblazing woman in contributing her part to the human story. we amplify voices. we gather, collaborate, and innovate. join us.



We exist to empower women to share their voices and creations so we can curate a new culture and tomorrow.


To provide inspiration, resources, and a collaborative platform for women to continue to create, innovate and contribute their voices.


Accessibility: we believe that accessibility is what drives change and empowers the people. we want resources to be as available and as relatable as possible.

Inclusivity: our house is your house. we believe everyone belongs.

Joy: life should be enjoyed. not every day is sunny, but we strive to remember that what matters most is that we (mostly) do the things we enjoy.

Now-ness: the most important and urgent thing is what’s right in front of us. we believe in giving our full attention to whatever we’re doing.

Courage: courage is the act of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. we do it anyway.