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  • App Design

  • Visual Branding

Industry: lifestyle, community

Location: United States, Puerto Rico

The Cosmic Life brand’s sister-brand, Diosa Tribe, needed to design an app that brought together the library of their content and allowed for their large community to connect and gather virtually. Our approach was to tie Diosa Tribe and Cosmic Life’s product brand by transferring some color elements to both color palettes. However, we differentiated Diosa Tribe’s brand by create a more vibrant and energetic aesthetic with custom illustration. We created a user-centric design for the most optimal UI layout to craft Diosa Tribe’s new platform. The result was an intelligently designed and refreshing app that brings together women from all over the world in the Diosa sisterhood.



  • Clothing Labels + Tags

  • Package Design

  • Branding

Industry: wellness, lifestyle, consumer package brand

Location: United States, Puerto Rico

Cosmic Life’s product brand, I AM DIOSA, needed a brand resfresh to accommodate for its next evolution. With new products added to their inventory, we created a complementary brand to Cosmic Life and the Diosa Tribe App to showcase the products as their own essence and feel. Using cooler, cleaner tones and tying in some color elements from the other sister-brands, the final product was a feminine, modern product line that inspires healing and connection and enabled the Cosmic Life to continue to provide value to their community of women around the world.



  • Visual Branding

  • Brand Messaging

  • Website Design

  • Newsletter

Industry: wellness

Location: United Kingdom

Luna Alchemy came to us in the midst of its growth to build strong foundation and lay down roots for their growth to come. They wanted to redefine their brand visually and verbally as well as have a digital space where their clients could register for upcoming classes and events and a newsletter to continue to connect and market to their audience. The result was a strategic, yet elegantly designed website with branding that went from soft, pink hues and tones, to grounded, earthy greens and golds. Luna Alchemy received a brand that was mature and unique and gave them a foundation to build on for their continued growth.



  • Visual Branding

  • Business Card

  • Newsletter

  • Website Design

Industry: creative, art, writing

Location: Spain

Rosa Pellicer came to us to craft a personal brand that spoke to her roots and defined the essence of her spirit and creative work. We also were tasked with designing a website that could evolve and grow as she did and a newsletter that keep her community connected and involved in her latest offerings and works. Our strategy was to connect to the oceans of Spain by which Rosa was raised to draw on a unique color palette that speaks to Rosa’s target audience of women of all ages. The result was a timeless, yet adaptable brand and website that created a space for her audience to return to again and again.



  • Logo

  • Mini Branding

Industry: coaching, creative, business, personal branding

Location: United States

Rachel Bonniwell coaching opted for our mini branding option where she received a customized logo, color palette, typography, mood board, and brand guide. A Washington, DC-based business, Raven wanted a logo that was both professional, yet fun and spoke to her name - Raven- and the professional women she serves.

The result was a clean, modern, and professional logo combined with a playful, yet rich color palette that continues to attract her ideal clients.



  • Mini Branding - Logo

  • Business Cards

Industry: health & fitness, family, coaching, lifestyle

Location: United States

Vybz City Lyfestyle, a Utah-based coaching and lifestyle business co-founded by couple Veronica and O’Neill to coach young athletes and inspire families to live their best lives, wanted to create a brand that would help them expand in their professional and personal lives. They wanted a family-friendly brand that could reach their diverse market. They opted for the mini branding kit to kickstart their official branding on an economic budget. The result was a lively, family-friendly brand that provides an inclusive and inspiring space for their community and audience.